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The sudden loss of a loved one due to suicide can be an utterly traumatic experience. The discovery of the scene leads quickly to a storm of activity as first responders arrive. Depending on the manner of death, a suicide scene may need to be cleaned. Once the professionals are done and the body taken away, it falls to loved ones or property managers to deal with the traumatic suicide scene.

If you have a suicide scene that needs cleaning, do not attempt to deal with the situation yourself. Instead, call Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners. We are a reputable and professional Bay Area, California biohazard remediation company with the tools, training, and experience to resolve the situation, eliminate any and all contamination at the site, and restore the area to its former habitable condition.

The importance of a professional suicide cleanup service, aside from the emotional distress that cleaning evidence of a suicide can trigger, the process or even exposure to the area where the event occurred can pose a serious danger to untrained individuals. Hepatitis and other blood borne pathogens can live outside the body for days and sometimes weeks.

Clean-Up Experts

Suicide clean up procedures have been established by various agencies in order to make certain that the site is safe for future inhabitants and that all persons attempting the cleanup are properly equipped and protected during the process. At Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners we have all recommended OSHA certifications for dealing with bodily fluid and blood cleanup, as well as the equipment and training to handle a wide range of death cleanup scenarios. Our technicians will respond to your call quickly, guaranteeing that the situation is resolved completely and totally before they leave. We’ll even work with your insurance company to simplify the payment process and reduce or eliminate the stress involved.

Compassionate and Competent Assistance

The immediate aftermath of a suicide can leave loved ones or those responsible for a property at a loss and unsure what steps to take. First, call Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners and let us respectfully and professionally deal with the physical reality of the situation you face, so that you have one less thing to worry about in the midst of what is unquestionably a difficult and painful situation.

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