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Crime scenes are sites of devastation, and when they are discovered they immediately become whirlwinds of chaos and confusion as police and investigators arrive. But once the professionals are finished with their work, it falls to property owners or loved ones left behind to arrange the cleaning and decontamination of the premises—regardless of the tragedy or mental anguish they may have experienced.

At Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners, we understand the emotional impact witnessing a crime scene can have on those nearby, as well as the difficulty involved in handling the result of a traumatic event safely and respectfully. For this reason, we specialize in the fast, methodical, and compassionate restoration of all crime scenes and accident sites. Armed with professional equipment, we work quickly to decontaminate, sanitize, and permanently remove all traces of the event—including odors, stains, and infectious particles—to ensure the safety and health of those nearby.

24/7 Quick Response

Crime scenes don’t wait for weekday business hours, so neither do we. That’s why Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners are available 24/7. We offer on-demand crime scene clean up services, helping property owners respond quickly to biohazards, suicides, accidental death, or other situations. As a locally based Bay Area Company, our

technicians are positioned to respond to all Bay Area and San Francisco communities.

Professionally Certified and Insured

Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners is bonded and insured. Our bioremediation specialists are careful to maintain all advisable OSHA certifications relating to blood borne pathogens. We maintain a close relationship with Biologic Environmental Services and Waste Solutions, which is a biohazard disposal company. We ensure that all possible biological or pathological waste is properly handled, contained, removed, and eliminated.

Compassionate and Respectful Services

Death cleanup, whether the death was unattended, accidental, or a murder, can be a difficult emotional process for those involved. That is why we strive at each and every occasion to act in a way that is respectful, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of our clients. We handle the entire crime scene cleaning process with utmost discretion, interfacing directly with applicable insurance companies and keeping our clients informed and up-to-date throughout the process.

If you need a biohazard removed or a crime scene dealt with in the San Francisco Bay Area, Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners is ready to respond. Call us now at (925) 933-8407.

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