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How Much Is It Going To Cost?

At Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners we are invested in our community and care sincerely for the individuals we serve. If you have suffered an unexpected death or any other scenario requiring our clean-up services, we are ready to respond quickly, providing you with our professional experience, compassionate advice, and support.

Cost Factors

The final cost of any biohazard remediation work depends on the details of the particular case and can be influenced by a variety of factors including:

  • Size and number of areas exposed to bodily fluids and other hazardous materials
  • Length of time the scene has remained unattended and the level of decomposition involved
  • Structural factors, including exposure of floors, walls, sub-flooring, and other property features

Fast, Free Estimates

Because final costs vary so dramatically from case to case, the only way for us to provide a detailed estimate is for a Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners representative to visit you and the site of the incident to assess the situation. Based

on this initial survey, we will quickly prepare a scope of work, a recommended treatment plan, and a written estimate for your approval.

Note that all procedures and standards of work in these documents will conform to industry best practices and applicable government guidelines and regulation.


In most circumstances homeowners’ insurance or other property insurance will cover our trauma and crime scene cleanup services, allowing the majority of our customers to avoid paying the full amount. To facilitate this process, our team is able to work directly with your insurance company, providing detailed documentation and photographs of the scene and easing the logistical burden that a cleanup scenario involves.

Remember, the health and safety of you and your loved ones is critical and should not be jeopardized in the midst of a biohazard situation. If you are facing an unexpected death or other clean-up scenario in the greater Bay Area, call Diablo Crime Scene Cleaners at (925) 933-8407.

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